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Optimise Your Outdoor Dinner Party with These Pest Control Tips

Having a party outdoors is a great idea when you are thinking of hoisting your dinner party. This is because of the kind of ambiance that nature provides. In addition, an outdoor party can be excellent if you have a considerable number of guests and you are concerned about space. While having an outdoor party can solve your problems in terms of the ambiance and the space among others, there is one problem you will have to take care of; bugs and pests. You do not want insects flying around over your guests and causing unnecessary discomfort. For this reason, here are a few ways you can use to keep the outdoor event pest-free.

Use Bug Lanterns

Bug lanterns are an excellent way to keep bugs off your outdoor event. These pest control features act by attracting bugs pests and then zap them dead. For this reason, if you are using tents in your outdoor space, you can hang the lanterns on these tents to ensure that your guests will not have to be worried about those little bugs. However, make sure that the lanterns are hung away from the dinner tables so that the insects do not end up in the food.

Use Rosemary

Rosemary is a natural repellent of insects and bugs. Find some rosemary leaves and have them burned on the barbecue coals. The smoke from the burning leaves will repel the bugs and keep your outdoor event free from these disturbing pests.

Use Candles

Mosquitoes and flies are usually repelled with smoke. For this reason, candles are an excellent way to keep them away at your outdoor dinner. Find as many candles as possible and make sure that they have a strong or thick wick to continue burning in slight wind.  For addition of ambiance to your outdoor space, consider citronella candles. They are usually affordable with a pleasant scent.

Use Moth Balls

If you are concerned about bees, consider using moth balls. Put some moth balls in a cloth and hang them around the party area. They have some pungent odour that will discourage the bees as well as keep other insects away.

Use a Colander

Another cost effective way to keep away bugs is to use a colander. For instance, if you are considering a buffet kind of meal, consider using a wire-mesh colander that will protect the food and keep the dish on display as well.