Having a laugh

Play, dance, sing – preschoolers having fun

Have you watched preschoolers play? Often, they will create a world for themselves, regardless of where they are or who may be watching. They will make sounds and will sometimes sing and dance, not caring if what they are doing makes sense or not. They are indulging in their own imaginations and, above all, having fun.

Young children love attention, especially from their parents or loved ones. They are natural performers and will take little encouragement to put on a show. It is this ability that can be developed in teaching them to dance.

Dancing lessons

When you are looking for a dancing school for your preschooler, look for a facility with teachers who are experienced dancers. They must understand their craft, as well as what is appropriate for young children. The programme should be taught in a professional facility, where the children are allowed to use their imaginations. Each activity should be relatively short and the children need to feel as though they are playing. Good dancing teachers will know that repetition and routine are key to the success of the classes. The sessions they offer will include a number of activities using the same basic skill, but each with a different objective. Most importantly, children should be given regular positive feedback and must be having fun. The preschool should participate in a programme that teaches preschoolers to dance while developing their confidence. 

Singing lessons

Sometimes it's not enough for a young performer simply to dance. Children like to be seen and heard! Don't aim to train your child's voice, as this may cause harm; rather let them discover the fun of music. Your preschooler has a voice that is literally much smaller than that of an adult – they do not have the same power and cannot achieve the same volumes. You don't want their voices to be damaged by being overworked when they are young. If you want your preschooler to lean to sing, look for a facility that builds on their natural sense of music and, perhaps, of movement. Most importantly, it should build on a preschooler's desire to play.

Let them have fun

Children enjoy moving naturally and they enjoy playing. Let your preschoolers build on these instinctive abilities by having dancing and singing lessons. They will learn about the world and about themselves. Above all, let them have fun while doing so. Look for preschool dance classes or singing lessons.