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Wedding Marquee | 3 Considerations When Hiring A Marquee For Your Wedding

Planning on taking the plunge into the next phase of your life? Congratulations! The exhilarating thrill of saying 'I do' is incomparable –– as long as you don't let the gripping fear of planning the whole affair overwhelm you. If you're planning to hire wedding marquees for your reception, then certain smart considerations will make the marquee hire process seamless.

Choose Between A Large Marquee Or Smaller Marquees For Guests

Some couples prefer to have a large marquee accommodating all their guests, while others like the idea of separating guests using smaller marquees. This will depend entirely on your personal taste and the number of guests you plan to invite for the wedding. For instance, if you're hosting a small wedding for just a few guests, then a single, large marquee may give you the intimacy you desire. If your guest list is slightly larger and you want to create defining spaces, then several, smaller marquees may resonate better with your preferences.

Ensure Enough Room For People To Move Around Within The Marquee

When planning your wedding marquee hire, consider foot traffic and dancing space because you certainly don't want guests banging into tables or each other as they move around during your wedding reception. Your guests must ideally have adequate space to move when walking or dancing inside your tent. Knowing your guest list and the marquee size will help you establish how many tables you can insert into each marquee if you're planning to have several of them. If you're planning a single marquee, then you may have to prune your guest list to a limited number of tables for seamless movement and dancing space. Keep in mind that additional space is necessary for accommodating structural support cables for your wedding marquee.

Establish Whether You Will Be Adding Any Lights To Your Marquee

You will need to decide the type of lighting you plan on inserting into your wedding marquees for the best effect based on your personal preferences. For instance, you can hang centrepieces above each table for a highly visual and illuminated effect. If you're looking for a more subtle effect, then fairy lights across the marquee ceiling are excellent choices. If you're looking for dramatic appeal, then large clusters of white, illuminated lanterns feature elegant visuals for your wedding marquee. Classic string lights or twinkling lights can also make your wedding marquee stand out with their aesthetic prowess.

When planning marquee hire for your wedding, make sure you consider these factors for making smart choices.