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Buy vs Hire for DJ equipment; a guide for DJs starting out

If you are just starting out as a DJ you may not have the cash to splash out on all your gear straight away. Luckily, there is a large range of options available to choose from in most music hire stores. Here is a guide to which items you should hire vs buy as you start out.


It's important to have high-quality headphones so that you get clear feedback on the sound that you are putting out. Poor quality headphones can give fuzzy sound or cut out at the wrong times as well as let in noise from your surroundings. These are a good investment to buy as they will often get sweaty as you let loose and it's more hygienic to have your own pair. You can also set up the headphones to suit you and use them for practice at home between gigs.

Mix table

A basic mix table is a good investment or long term hire so that you can develop your DJing skills. However, given the high price point of a serious mixing table it can make sense to hold off on purchasing a full deck until you have a regular stream of gigs coming in. Mix tables also often get upgraded with new models and better features, so by initially hiring a deck and experimenting with the features that matter most to you can make sure that you invest in a deck that you'll like using going forward. You can often find second hand mixers for sale later down the line, once you are clear on which features matter most to you.

Speakers and lighting

Many of the gigs that you do initially will be at weddings, clubs, and functions that already have speakers. Each gig needs its own speaker dimensions and set up depending on the size and shape of the venue. Unless you are an established professional, it pays to hire these items as needed. Lighting often goes through trends and you might want to mix and match lighting to different themed evenings.

When you are just starting out, hiring DJ equipment can be a great option as the hire company will ensure that your equipment is functional and can fix any problems that arise. Its' also a very cost effective option while you are still building your business and gives you time to research and experiment with different types of equipment so that you can find which DJ equipment will suit you.