Triumphant Trumpets: Teaching Your Child to Care for Their Trumpet

Learning the trumpet is a great way for your child to develop their confidence, creativity and memory. However, it is important that your child also learns how to properly look after and care for their instrument. Below are the top tips you should be teaching your child when it comes to trumpet care. Oil the Valves Valve oil is used to lubricate and fill the space within the valve. You should teach your child to oil the valves on their trumpet each time they play it. [Read More]

How to Ensure Your Event in a Tent Goes Well

Some people may think that organising a party in a tent is a very easy task. Such people do not anticipate some possible challenges that can jeopardise their well-laid plans. This article discusses some of the issues that you should bear in mind if you would like to use a tent for a party that you are hosting. Factor in the Weather Hire your party tent from a vendor who is flexible. [Read More]

Play, dance, sing – preschoolers having fun

Have you watched preschoolers play? Often, they will create a world for themselves, regardless of where they are or who may be watching. They will make sounds and will sometimes sing and dance, not caring if what they are doing makes sense or not. They are indulging in their own imaginations and, above all, having fun. Young children love attention, especially from their parents or loved ones. They are natural performers and will take little encouragement to put on a show. [Read More]

Optimise Your Outdoor Dinner Party with These Pest Control Tips

Having a party outdoors is a great idea when you are thinking of hoisting your dinner party. This is because of the kind of ambiance that nature provides. In addition, an outdoor party can be excellent if you have a considerable number of guests and you are concerned about space. While having an outdoor party can solve your problems in terms of the ambiance and the space among others, there is one problem you will have to take care of; bugs and pests. [Read More]