The Pros and Cons of a BYOD In-Flight Entertainment System

In-flight entertainment is a necessity for many travellers. In an age where most customers have their own devices, is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy a good way to stay at the cutting edge for the benefit of both your airline and your customers? Any big change to a business is going to raise questions about cost. In the case of travellers bringing and using their own personal devices to access in-flight entertainment, it can seem like a blessing and a curse to the airline.

Buy vs Hire for DJ equipment; a guide for DJs starting out

If you are just starting out as a DJ you may not have the cash to splash out on all your gear straight away. Luckily, there is a large range of options available to choose from in most music hire stores. Here is a guide to which items you should hire vs buy as you start out. Headphones It's important to have high-quality headphones so that you get clear feedback on the sound that you are putting out.

Why Hire Marquees for Your Outdoor Wedding?

Marquees provide shelter and they are often used to create a comfortable atmosphere for people attending outdoor events. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding this summer, there are a number of good reasons why you should consider renting marquees. Marquees can give you control over the location and design of your event as well as the number of people attending your special day, as further elaborated below.

How To Interpret A Psychic Reading

Whether you believe that psychics have a connection to the supernatural or not, there are valuable things you can take from what they tell you. According the the Washington Post, spiritual and religious beliefs make people happier — and that includes a wide range of traditions, including those outside major organised religions. No matter how you think people working as psychics and diviners reach their conclusions, what's important is what you do with the information you get from them — and there are a few things that will help you get the most from your psychic reading.

Wedding Marquee | 3 Considerations When Hiring A Marquee For Your Wedding

Planning on taking the plunge into the next phase of your life? Congratulations! The exhilarating thrill of saying 'I do' is incomparable –– as long as you don't let the gripping fear of planning the whole affair overwhelm you. If you're planning to hire wedding marquees for your reception, then certain smart considerations will make the marquee hire process seamless. Choose Between A Large Marquee Or Smaller Marquees For Guests

Triumphant Trumpets: Teaching Your Child to Care for Their Trumpet

Learning the trumpet is a great way for your child to develop their confidence, creativity and memory. However, it is important that your child also learns how to properly look after and care for their instrument. Below are the top tips you should be teaching your child when it comes to trumpet care. Oil the Valves Valve oil is used to lubricate and fill the space within the valve. You should teach your child to oil the valves on their trumpet each time they play it.

How to Ensure Your Event in a Tent Goes Well

Some people may think that organising a party in a tent is a very easy task. Such people do not anticipate some possible challenges that can jeopardise their well-laid plans. This article discusses some of the issues that you should bear in mind if you would like to use a tent for a party that you are hosting. Factor in the Weather Hire your party tent from a vendor who is flexible.

Play, dance, sing – preschoolers having fun

Have you watched preschoolers play? Often, they will create a world for themselves, regardless of where they are or who may be watching. They will make sounds and will sometimes sing and dance, not caring if what they are doing makes sense or not. They are indulging in their own imaginations and, above all, having fun. Young children love attention, especially from their parents or loved ones. They are natural performers and will take little encouragement to put on a show.

Optimise Your Outdoor Dinner Party with These Pest Control Tips

Having a party outdoors is a great idea when you are thinking of hoisting your dinner party. This is because of the kind of ambiance that nature provides. In addition, an outdoor party can be excellent if you have a considerable number of guests and you are concerned about space. While having an outdoor party can solve your problems in terms of the ambiance and the space among others, there is one problem you will have to take care of; bugs and pests.

Amenities and Services to Consider When Contemplating Function Venues

When organizing an event, whether for personal or corporate reasons, there will be a myriad of decisions that you would have to make. However, one of the most important decisions that could make or break your entire function is the choice of venue. Even if you choose to outsource some of the items that will be used during your event, it is always best to know what amenities are available at the venue itself.